In October 2021 Nikon launched its long awaited flagship mirrorless camera, the Z9. Not only is it mirrorless, it also has no mechanical shutter, one of the most advanced autofocus system and it provides an uninterrupted view of the scene through the electronic viewfinder while images are being up to 120 frames per second and at speeds up to 1/32,000th of a second. 
One of the hardest things to get a camera to do is to keep a subject in sharp focus while it is moving, particularly coming straight towards you. With its ability to identify human or animal eyes, and re-evaluate both focus and exposure 120 times every second to keep 'locked-on' to your chosen subject, the Z9 is one of the best tools available for action shots.
These images, taken in my first six months with the camera, demonstrate how the Z9's technical prowess allow the photographer to concentrate on getting the shots, confident that the camera will deal with both focus and exposure.
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